PRESENTER: Tamika Doubell

Tamika Doubell as already achieved so much in her short time in Cape Town. From TV presenting, event MCing, voice work, film production and modelling, this girl is taking the world of entertainment by the horns and making waves. Expect to see MUCH more from her in the future. Here’s how to work hard like Tamika:

SBTC: Where do you come from? Did your background influence your work or dreams?

TD: I grew up in Port Elizabeth where my background definitely influenced my dreams. I was always involved in productions during my school years. And my degree in Film & Media Production definitely helped shaped where I wanted to be in the future.

SBTC: What did you want to be when you grew up?

TD: What I am doing now – working in the film and entertainment industry.

SBTC: You studied a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Production at UCT, how important is it to study media before trying to work in the media world?

TD: It’s very important because it gives you a head start. You empower yourself through education. You learn a huge amount about all the different spheres of the media that are out there and the different processes involved in each medium. It helps you streamline your craft and gives you reputable insight into the industry so that you can make an informed decision once you graduate about where you would like to focus. Not to mention that it gives you the qualifications that are fundamental to people in the industry respecting you and taking you seriously. But of course, as with anything, it can all be gained by hard work and experience – it will just take you longer.

SBTC: Once you graduated, what was your first break in the industry?

TD: In 2010 I entered the Top Billing presenter search and made it into the top six. It really catapulted me into the world of television and gave me wondering insight into presenting.

SBTC: What is Skybok all about and where did the concept originate?

TD: My brother and I started Skybok together and our site went live in April. Skybok is an online video reference site that provides online video profiles. It is unique in that it utilises Google Maps / Google Earth as a platform, so that now you will not only see a tag of the venue displayed on a world map, you will be able to view its video. Skybok creates video profiles because pictures on a brochure can be misleading. We have created something which offers an insightful level of immersion through video. My clients include businesses and venues such as The Mount Nelson Hotel, The Two Oceans Aquarium, The Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa, The Artscape Theatre (recently filmed), The Humewood Links Golf Estate and Simonsig Wine Estate to name a few.

SBTC: You currently do a lot of editing, filming and voice work yourself for Skybok, where did you learn these skills?

TD: I learnt a lot at UCT and a lot was self-taught. Currently we travel around the country to shoot for various clients. I shoot a few, but direct mostly. I do all the editing and all the voiceovers for each project. I work with well-known sound engineer Frank Smuts, whose studio I use to record in. Since our website went live in April, I’ve been in the process of uploading all our videos. It’s a very exciting time.

SBTC: Which do you prefer, editing, presenting or voice work?

TD:I ask myself that every day 🙂

SBTC: What characteristics do you need to be a good voice artist?

TD: Confidence (don’t get scared of the microphone), diversity (be able to manipulate your voice in different ways), patience, focus (recording can take long and you need the steadfastness to keep going strongly and consistently) and ENERGY!!! (When you are tired the listeners can hear it.)

SBTC: You also work as a model, what’s the secret to getting your foot in the world of modelling?

TD: Get a photographer. Get a nice set of photos. Include clean, easy headshots and a few tasteful bikini ones and some fashion ones. Don’t over think it. Start e-mailing agents. The end. No excuses to wait. You can look at the photos of your favorite actresses and models to get nice ideas for poses.

SBTC: Tell us about your journey in the world of modelling?

TD: Modelling has never been my primary focus but I’ve done surprisingly well and have done some beautiful work. So I am enjoying it. All my experiences have been good and positive/fun.

She Built This City

SBTC: You we recently selected to represent South Africa at Top Model Worldwide, what was this like? Are models really snotty?

TD: I recently flew to London for Top Model Worldwide which was held at The Hilton Metropole. It was fabulous and exhilarating! None of the models were snotty; all the models from all over the world were great and friendly. Very much a mindset of “we’re all in this together!” as we showed designs on the runway of some very renowned designers and labels, including Gianni Lilliu, Luna Sky, Analili New York by Daisy & Mac Bermuda, Fabryan, Eva Grygo, Wot The Frok by Naomi Quarrinton, Garcia by Daisy & Mac Bermuda, Remus Uomo, Gingerbread and Omar Mansoor, who showed at London Fashion Week this year.

SBTC: Tell us about a corner stone in your career that encouraged you:

TD: As a presenter, The Top Billing Presenter Search 2010 stands out as it really made me decide that I want to be in this industry. Sitting in the Top 6 and being in Mauritius was breathtaking. Bungee jumping off the Orlando Towers in Soweto, Johannesburg, for a link I did as part of that was absolutely horrifying, haha! It was a huge cornerstone because it was after that that I decided to move to Cape Town in 2011 and start my career.

Starting my blog to document my adventures/life in this industry was a massive cornerstone for me and continues to give me satisfaction and a sense of achievement every week. I have a nice following on that and I really appreciate each one of my readers’ support. I came up with the name ‘The Starlit Path’ over a cup of Rooibos while shooting The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum for Skybok last year! Haha!

And finally… after all these years, the radio show I co-hosted at UCT radio in my second year still stands out as a nice cornerstone for me. This is because it was there that I had my first ‘official’ experience behind the microphone 🙂 Seeing as I’ve only been in this industry for a year, those are the ones that stand out to date. My career is very diverse and every portfolio of it – whether it’s running Skybok, acting, modelling, MC’ing or being a voice artist – generates a huge sense of reward for me.

She Built This CitySBTC: Between acting, modelling, MCing, presenting and voice work, please share some of your best moments and achievements:

TD: There’s a lot! I’ve had an incredible first year in the industry!

In my capacity as an actress, shooting for Deathrace 3: Inferno at the end of last year in Cape Town was a great ‘moment’ J I met fantastic Hollywood stars including Danny Trejo, Luke Goss & Robin Shou. Every commercial I’ve shot since entering the industry has been memorable & rewarding. The docu-drama The Great British Story shot on location here in Cape Town last year was particularly fun.

In other presenting work, interviewing the band ‘Evolver One’ for Bay TV in PE was very memorable! They are very cool guys! Proud to say they are a South African band! 🙂

In my capacity as an event MC, I thoroughly enjoy the fashion shows I MC – such as the ‘Fashion with Purpose’ show I did at the Baxter Theatre last year, or the recent Traffic Winter Collection Fashion Show – they’re always a huge party!

As a voice artist – an AXE deodorant radio ad I did recently was hysterically gross and I won’t forget it because we were all laughing at the script for so long we could hardly complete the advert! Haha! The recent SKYYVODKA job I did for a new iPad application ‘Mix-a-cocktail’ is another job that stands out as a great success! Still good friends with the production crew of that! We had a lot of fun. In other voice work… well, I’m biased, all the radio adverts I record for my home province The Eastern Cape will always sit closer to my heart than the ones I do locally 😛

As a model, London was a massive cornerstone and takes the international cake by far, so far! Also, becoming the face of Longstreet Fashion Boutique here in Cape Town was a nice achievement which I’m proud of.

SBTC: What’s your ultimate work goal?

TD: We’ll see won’t we? 😉

SBTC: Best advice you were ever given that encouraged you?

TD: “Give them hell, darling! Hell!” hahahaha

SBTC: Where can people see your work next?

TD: I’m producing new video profiles for Skybok every week. When it comes to being in front of the camera, thanks to my friend Bjorn Steinbach, you can catch me as ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in Flat Stanley’s new music video! I’ll also be on The Expresso Show and Top Billing on the 3rd of July, so tune in! 🙂 Feel free to check out Skybok on Facebook or on Twitter and join our online family! We’d love to have you!

Follow Tamika Doubell’s media career on Facebook or Twitter,alternatively follow her Blog, the Starlit Path.

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